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1st Gathering at Restaurant Top Sushi

Our first gathering at Top Sushi. I don’t know about all of you but I am looking forward to our gathering. Men’s Ministry, What does that even mean? In Christian terms it means: to assist a man in the close proximity of Jesus, who then transforms the man’s spirit into His disciple. These men are […]


Family BBQ

Father’s day Funny thing! Father’s day doesn’t always have a great response like that of Mother’s day. The fact of the matter is that Mothers have our hearts, they have taken care of us every step of the way. If you think your household runs smoothly because of us, think again. But Father’s, Dads, brothers, […]


Fundraiser and Movie Night

Are you looking forward to June 29th? Well you should be because we have a whole lot of fun prepared for you. You can learn more about the event by going to the church website But most importantly that you sign up and buy a ticket. We’ve got food, games, music, dj, and oh yeah, […]