Awesome Party with LCA Church Men’s Ministry


We had food
We had a DJ
We had Games
We had the “I wanna be a Beatle” group – who were awesome

A good time had by all from the volunteers to those who came to support
The goal was to raise funds for the air conditioner and that we did.
but the underlying goal was to share in community and LCA Church hit a home run.

What more do you say when You have our older generation dancing to the Beatles tunes
and our youngest generation asking for more food because they find it so yummy.
Also the DJ was a pro, he just didn’t play beats, he gave us worldwide tunes.
Did I mention the photo booth. Need I say more.

You know a church is more than a just a church when they reach far beyond to make a difference.
Great family fun, Sharing, caring and giving
Some would say that that was built on pretty good biblical principles

Most would say when do we meet again.
Here’s a Beatles snippet, enjoy!

Written by Brian Olton