1st Gathering at Restaurant Top Sushi


Our first gathering at Top Sushi. I don’t know about all of you but I am looking forward to our gathering.

Men’s Ministry, What does that even mean?
In Christian terms it means: to assist a man in the close proximity of Jesus, who then transforms the man’s spirit into His disciple.
These men are called “Men of God”, fully devoted followers of Christ.
Now this is all great, but what really happens in a man’s life as he lives and serves or doesn’t serve or how about when a man leaves a church meeting or a gathering?
That’s right all is forgotten until the next gathering.

LCA church and its leaders understand some of our struggles,
And believe it or not we do care.
That’s where men’s ministry comes in play
It is great that we prayer for one another.
But a simple prayer only goes so far.
We want to pursue Jesus actively, in community, friendship with compassion and support

On Sunday, May 26, 2019. Pastor Rudolphe Moley preached a sermon on “Active Prayer”
“Highly recommend you go back and take a listen to that sermon”
This is where prayer and action are combined.
The need for action is an absolute necessity, it is one of the fundamental reason we exist and share lives.
How we apply our actions to everyday situations
We all have something to learn.

During our gathering we will host a multitude of ideas
But our main focus will be on a practical course called “Nine Attributes of Man”
Every gathering we will reveal 1 chapter.
Yes you figured it out it will take at least 9 gatherings or the way I like to call it “a night or day out with the boys!”

Taking time for personal development is essential
It is not selfish, it is simply a time for growth
A time to recharge, a time for good fun.

We hope that this message meets you where you are at.
Please join us. You wife, friends and family will also receive the benefits of your personal journey with Christ.

Written by: Brian Olton